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File of Life

The File of Life is a paper document containing information about a person such as their name, telephone number, their health and any prescription medications.  It is stored in red plastic pouch that attaches to a refrigerator with a magnetic strip.  The File of Life is available at the Fire Station.

Having this information readily at hand saves time during an emergency.  Sometimes a patient may be unable to communicate with the emergency responder and in those cases we can look at the information provided on the form and help determine means of treatment.

Please keep the File of Life updated and maintain current information. If there is a change in medication or any other problem that should be noted, make the necessary changes on the form or fill-out a new one.  Also be sure to affix the pouch to your refrigerator, otherwise we may not be able to locate it when needed.  If you would like to carry a second copy on you while traveling, make a photocopy and place in a wallet or purse.  It is important to not take the File of Life from home – we will be happy to provide residents with additional supplies if needed.

At no time will this information be available to anyone other than emergency medical personnel involved in your treatment.


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