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Barbecue Grill Safety

Gas Grill Safety

Each year there are injuries, deaths, and property damage caused by gas grills.  Here are some general tips to help keep you safe.

  • At the beginning of the season, check your gas tubes and burners for obstructions. Insects like to use these areas for their homes.

  • Check the hoses for cracking, brittleness, holes, and leaks. Replace worn hoses.

  • Never use your grill indoors.

  • Don’t use your grill in a garage, breezeway, porch or a wooden deck.

  • Use your grill at least 10 feet from your house or any structure.

  • If your grill doesn’t light, shut it off and wait for the gas to clear before trying again.

  • Read and Follow all manufacturers safety guidelines.

Charcoal Grill Safety

Charcoal cooking is still very popular in the United States. Charcoal produces carbon monoxide when burning so we recommend that you take the following precautions when using a charcoal-fired grill:

  • Never use a charcoal grill or hibachi indoors. Carbon Monoxide will build up rapidly and may kill you!

  • Never use charcoal in a vehicle, tent, or camper.

  • After use, leave your charcoal grill outside until it is completely cold to the touch. The freshly used coals will continue to produce CO for some time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at the station 464-3477.  For further information, check out the Consumer Product Safety Commission web site at www.cpsc.gov.


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